Honoring a Japanese American WWII Veteran on Veterans Day

Little is known about the Japanese Americans who served during World War II and we realized we hadn’t shared any videos of these veterans talking about their experiences. This YouTube video, posted by Heather Wokusch, is a 2012 interview with Kazuo “Fred” Yamaguchi, who served in the U.S. Military Intelligence Service.

We also want to take a moment to recognize everyone who has served in the armed forces over the years. To those veterans, thank you for your service.



Veterans Day

Across the globe, today is a day to recognize those who have served in the military. We don’t always look at this day from the other side though. How do the veterans feel when they are thanked for their service? What about when we call them heroes? David Botti of BBC News took a closer look at the relationship between American veterans and civilians in a short, thought-provoking documentary.

Returning to the Skies

Nearly 30 years ago, Tony Mazzolini found the B-29 Superfortress known as Doc wasting away in the Mojave Desert. He waded through the process of acquiring the plane from the government and began restoration efforts in 2000. Today, Doc is nearly airworthy. A group called Doc’s Friends launched a Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of October to get donations for the last phase in the long process. On October 22nd, the campaign met its goal with a week to spare.

As World War II fades into memory, so do the links to that time. Without a direct link to events in the past, we lose those strong connections that makes history real for those who didn’t live during those times. Thanks to groups like Doc’s Friends and the Collings Foundation, everyone has a chance to to see these warbirds up close, hear them fly overhead, look inside and even ride in them. Between these and the recording stories from veterans, the links can be maintained longer. People gain a deeper understanding of what they have been taught since elementary school.

It takes years for these planes to become airworthy and a significant amount of time and money to keep them that way. In spite of the costs, giving people an opportunity to see these pieces of history is well worth the effort. Congratulations to Doc’s Friends for working so hard to get a second B-29 flying again. We can’t wait to see it back in the air.

You can still donate until October 29th.