An interview with World War II veteran Julius Haberman

We found an excellent interview by WWII Veterans History Project with Julius Haberman, a former member of the 69th Infantry Division who served in the European Theater in World War II. Among his experiences was an encounter with prisoners in a concentration camp. Listen to his story below.


Interview with Fergus Anckorn

We found another interview to share with you this week. Here, Fergus Anckorn recounts his time as a POW in the Pacific Theater. His multiple brushes with death during World War II played a major role in the shaping of his perspective on life.

Honoring a Japanese American WWII Veteran on Veterans Day

Little is known about the Japanese Americans who served during World War II and we realized we hadn’t shared any videos of these veterans talking about their experiences. This YouTube video, posted by Heather Wokusch, is a 2012 interview with Kazuo “Fred” Yamaguchi, who served in the U.S. Military Intelligence Service.

We also want to take a moment to recognize everyone who has served in the armed forces over the years. To those veterans, thank you for your service.