312th Bomb Group Posts

The Early Days of the 312th Bomb Group


The 312th Across the US


The 312th in Australia and Beyond


Gusap and the Arrival of the Havoc


The Jinx of the 389th


Operation Reckless


Operation Reckless Part 2: Pounding Hollandia


Black Sunday: Part 1


Black Sunday: Part 2


Black Sunday: Part 3


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  1. I live near Gusap in PNG. The company that owns the land has recently constructed a war remembrance monument to recall the battles in this area. The monument has 4 faces – one for an inscription, the other 3 for Australian, US and PNG forces.
    The US 5th Army Airforce is of course remembered.
    If anyone wants a photo I can send one. I spent yesterday picking up old bomb crates etc – still some stuff around including live ammo.

    Greg Kirkpatrick


  2. I am the daughter of Bill A. Montgomery (Colonel, USAF, Retired) looking for any survivor’s who can give me some information about my father and any pictures of him while he was with the 312th Bomb Group in New Guinea.


    • Hello Lynn,

      It looks like your father was interviewed for our 312th book, Rampage of the Roarin’ 20’s, as there are a few quotes and recounts from him. There is also one picture of him in a group photo, as well as a couple of his own photos that are cited as part of “Bill A. Montgomery’s Collection.”

      I am not sure whether or not you are familiar with this book or these aspects of the book that include your father, but you can learn more about our book through this website, or by calling 303-499-0530 if you are interested.

      All best,


  3. I am son of Thomas J. Lawlor who served in the 312th bomb group during WW2.. Looking for anyone who knew my Dad then. I have some photos of some men that hr served with.


  4. Hello. I am the daughter of John W. Hoover who served with the 312th in New Guinea and was killed March 1944. I am looking for any information about him and people who might have known him. Thank you.


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