Announcing the second edition of Ken’s Men Against the Empire, Volume I

After releasing Ken’s Men Against the Empire, Volume II, we quickly shifted to another project that kept us busy in late 2019 and early 2020: revisions to a book that was, we were happy to note, selling faster than we had anticipated. The announcement is a bit late, but here it is:

Thanks to all the interest and support from our readers, we already had to do a reprint of Ken’s Men Against the Empire, Volume I. We still have some first editions available, but new copies of the second edition have already been trickling out of their boxes and into customers’ hands. We think you’ll love the updates. Inside the second edition, you will find that the 8-page sneak peek of Volume II is gone. We filled up those eight pages with some new photos, including a rare image of the famed B-17 #666, co-author Edward Rogers revised and expanded a few of the stories, new material about the Japanese side was added by co-author Osamu Tagaya and we also corrected mistakes that were printed in the first edition. While we also must admit that the print quality wasn’t up to par in the first edition, we’re pleased to say that it was greatly improved with this second printing. Those are the biggest differences between the two editions. 

If you’re still here and haven’t clicked over to the Ken’s Men, Vol. I page yet, we have some other news: we’re making good headway on Harvest of the Grim Reapers, Volume I. This book will cover the history of the 3rd and 27th Bomb Groups from prewar times to the end of 1942. It is shaping up to be our biggest book since Revenge of the Red Raiders (624 pages), with current projections sitting at nearly 400 pages of narrative text. That doesn’t even include the appendices or color section. If you’re trying to plan your bookshelf space, make sure you have a gap for a 500+ page book. At this point, we are still a little ways from having an estimated date of when it will be heading to the printer.  

As we wrote earlier, the new edition of Ken’s Men Against the Empire, Volume I is already shipping. Head over to our website and buy your copy today!

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