A Collection of Photos

For every photo we publish in our books, there are dozens that don’t quite fit the subject matter or don’t have the necessary context information to be used. This is even true for the handful of color photos we publish in our color section. For this post, we figured it would be good to publish a few of those color photos that won’t make it into any of our books. Unfortunately, we don’t have specific information about the people or places depicted, although you might be able to recognize a few elements—for instance, that’s a B-17 coming in to land, probably at Port Moresby, New Guinea, in that last photo. The collection information has also been lost for all of these photos except for the last one, which comes from the C. Lloyd Anderson collection.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge (Unknown Collection)


Feeding a kangaroo

Feeding a kangaroo (Unknown Collection)


Relaxing at the beach

Relaxing at the beach (Unknown Collection)


Enjoying some watermelon

Enjoying some watermelon (Unknown Collection)


B-17 landing

B-17 landing (C. Lloyd Anderson Collection)

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