A Map of Australia During World War II

One of the indirect consequences of World War II was the rapid expansion of Australian infrastructure. American, British and Australian war plans all assumed that the defensive line would be held at Singapore and the Dutch East Indies, and that the bulk of the fighting would occur in the Central and North Pacific regions. When the line was broken, thousands of troops and millions of pounds of war material had to be rerouted through Australia, which did not have the capacity to handle the sudden growth. Construction was soon underway and formerly quiet Australian cities expanded to accommodate Allied soldiers training for war. This undated map shows the extent of the projects.

Map of Australia during WWII

(Lex McAulay Collection)


9 thoughts on “A Map of Australia During World War II

  1. I saw on TV that a party of Japanese from a submarine even landed on the beach in Northern Territory and were seen by the local Aborigines. A couple of days later, they had fetched the white soldiers who found just the rather distinctive footprints.


    • Australia’s relationships and national identity underwent a lot of changes during WWII. Technically, the country was an independent Commonwealth at that point. And, yes, the Australians grew closer to the U.S. and further from the British, but they also began to see themselves as Australians and not beholden to other countries. (Look up the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942.) Australia wasn’t the only country to go through these changes during and after the war. We don’t know a whole lot about these details because it’s outside of what we’re researching, but you might be interested in doing some of your own research on the subject.

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