Raiding Rabaul

This week, we dug through the archives and thought we’d repost something from last year. Once again, Kenneth Rosebush describes the scene of a mission to Rabaul.

Source: Raiding Rabaul


4 thoughts on “Raiding Rabaul

  1. My dad said that raiding Rabaul and New George and all the South Pacific area was unforgettable. He flew 6 missions Taking recon Pictures of them bombing convoys, troop Barges, bombing the Japanese trying to stop the invasion forces hitting the beaches mainly the Aussie’s landing. NEW Britain,Solomons,. Some of the planes had 75’s in the nose and 50’s and gave the enemy HELL. So I was proud of my dad and his squadron in fact they have a reunion this month in Flagstaff and there is only 10 or so left. My dad passed in 2012 or he would attend. So good flying and happy hunting.


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