The Surrender

September 2, 1945 marked the official surrender of the Japanese. Below, you can listen to President Truman address the U.S. and watch the ceremony in color. Try playing them at the same time for an interesting background to the surrender proceedings.



7 thoughts on “The Surrender

  1. Everybody likes a happy ending!! I do think we should go back and start to re-use a couple of President Truman’s phrases: “The civilised world” and “The forces of tyranny”. Both are still alive and worryingly well today.


  2. Just a couple of tidbits:
    1. MacArthur, in his show of power, had the Japanese contingent stand out there for about 15 minutes before proceeding (embarrassment).
    2. The Emperor reportedly wept after hearing his representatives were released unharmed after the signing.


  3. [off topic – Did you happen to get my follow-up to our discussion?
    I couldn’t let it go – had to relocate the info. In Costello’s “The Pacific War” page 391, it states:

    “The weather proved a fickle ally for the Japanese. On February 1, when the heavy clouds began breaking up, a patrol of 5th Air Force B-25s spotted the convoy hugging the coastline of New Britain…. It was the first demonstration of the ‘skip-bombing’ technique perfected by the 5th Air Force…Eight transports, along with 4 destroyers were sunk….”


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