VE Day

“The war in Europe was drawing to a rapid conclusion. Word was received May 6 that Germany had unconditionally surrendered and the United States was preparing for VE Day.
It was business as usual for the 38th. While America celebrated, ground support missions were flown against stubborn pockets of resistance and troop concentrations on Luzon. Propaganda leaflets, announcing Germany’s surrender and urging the Japanese soldiers to surrender, were dropped. Very few Japanese aircraft were encountered in the air, or serviceable aircraft found on the ground. They had been destroyed or pulled back for the defense of the Japanese homeland.”
-A History of the 38th Bombardment Group
by John Henry

In his diary, Jack H. Bleuler of the 38th Bomb Group expressed his sentiments on the news: “May 8th & 9th was the celebrating of VE Day in Europe. Germany has surrendered. If we can just hurry up and win over here. Home is not too far off now!”


8 thoughts on “VE Day

  1. What saddened me was to find out the honor flyover DC yesterday was largely privately funded. I don’t understand how this administration thinks or sees our WWII veterans still here with us today…


    • What if their idea from the start was to get donations for the flyover? You’re entitled to your opinion on the matter, and, for future reference, we’d like to keep politics to a minimum in the comments section. 🙂 Politics aside, getting individuals and corporations to sponsor this sort of event is a great use of money. People like knowing that they helped support an event that was enjoyed by so many.

      The organization of the flyover was a huge task that was probably better off left to organizations such as this one. 🙂 Here’s an excerpt from an article about the process: “Last October, while organizing a flight of 30 T-6s over Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon in conjunction with the non-profit Disabled Veterans of America, Ginter says he found the one person in the federal government who coordinates these special flying events: the FAA’s James “JJ” Johnston. ‘He’s a superstar. He is the center of the wagon wheel at the FAA, and he’s the guy who knows every person at all the other agencies’ whose blessings are required for a flight like this: the National Park Service, the Transportation Security Administration, the Secret Service, the U.S. Capitol Police, and the FAA. The Secret Service and the TSA have different jurisdictions.”

      Highly encourage you to read the full article here:


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