IHRA’s Top 7 Posts of 2014

We’ve brought you a lot of stories this year and thought it was time to highlight the most popular posts of 2014. This was done by filtering out the most viewed posts that we wrote this year, not counting reblogs. If you missed any, here’s your chance to go back and read the highlights. Enjoy!

Burning on the Bismarck Sea Tragedy Above the Bismarck Sea The 43rd Bomb Group participates in the Battle of the Bismarck Sea and, while the battle is a success, the Group doesn’t come out unscathed.

Royce and DaviesThe Royce Raid: The 3rd Bomb Group Wins Its Spurs Before the Doolittle Raid, another daring attack was playing out over the Philippines. This is the third in a short series about the Royce Raid.

Sinking 38th Bomb Group B-25The Ordeal of the Herry Crew B-25 MISS AMERICA is shot down near Japanese territory. This is the story of what happened to the crew afterwards.

Ambush in the Bashi Channel Our newest print depicting a dramatic moment for 38th Bomb Group pilot Donald H. Martin as he passes over the Japanese destroyer Shiokaze.

Gasmata Airdrome 1942The Third Bomb Group’s Combat Debut: Prelude to the Royce Raid Six B-25 crews embark on their first strike and test the B-25’s operational limit.

Muri crewB-26s at Midway This story follows four B-26 crews from the 38th and 22nd Bomb Groups as they join the Battle of Midway.

 Paratroop Landing on Nadzab The 345th and Operation Postern On September 4, 1943, crews from the 345th Bomb Group participate in a huge raid on Nadzab.


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