Help Us With Research

IHRA is currently looking for the following information and photos. If you think you can help, please contact us.

  • Any photos of 3rd Bomb Group A-20s from 1944-1945
  • Information on pilots and/or crew chiefs of the 3rd Bomb Group 1944-1945 aircraft
  • Any close up photos of THE HOT HORSE, an early 13th Squadron 3rd Bomb Group B-25 (nose art would be ideal)
  • 13th Squadron B-25 photos of the white skull nose from late 1943 to early 1944 and the checkerboard on the rear engine nacelles
  • Color photos of airplanes belonging to the 3rd or 43rd Bomb Groups and Tainan Kokutai
  • Any photos from the 417th Bomb Group and any crew (air or ground crew) contact information

Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Help Us With Research

  1. Have you people ever heard of THE JUNGLE AIR FORCE? THE 390th BOMBARDMENT SQUADRON? THE 42nd BOMBARDMENT group. THEY flew all the South Eastern Pacific. New Guinea, Bouginville , etc. I could give you all the whole story of the battle that they flew and it was the stick that broke the Japanese back. They all fought and died to bring thr war to an end so it just wasn’t the 5th air force, or the 3rd bomb group, 417th bomb group Read about the 390th Bomb Squadron 13th AIR FORCE and you will learn a lot.


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